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After speaking with director Joram Lürsen at The Royal Cinema about his film A Noble Intention (Publieke Weaken) which opened up the European Union Film Festival in Toronto, we were that much more astonished here on FERNTV about the high level of passion that went into this film.   In a world where there is so much focus on Hollywood blockbusters, superhero films and big budget sequels, A Noble Intention surfaces above the saturated film market as a true winner.  Adapted from the novel by Thomas Rosenboom during the late 1800s, this Dutch film focuses on two cousins, one who is a pharmacist, Anijs,  played by Jacob Derwig and the other being a violin maker, Walter, played by Gijs Scholten van Aschat.   Walter refuses to sell his home which opposes the plans of a challenging and wealthy businessman who wishes to build a Central Station in Amsterdam.   He then combines strategically with his cousin Anijs who is in trouble for committing illegal medical practices to get out of their predicaments whether or not if there is some dire consequences.

A Noble Intention has all of the elements of a great film and it starts with the film having a great story which is its foundation.  The storyline unexpectedly captivates you from the very beginning and sets you on a roller coaster of a ride of emotions until the very end.   The two main actors, Jacob Derwig and Gijs Scholten van Aschat  are well known in the Netherlands for their performances in theatre and film so the audience is watching the country’s best.  As the two carry the film, director Joram Lürsen takes you back in time for this historical feature with costume designs that are to the tee and sets that bring the audience exasperating with emotion.  If you can remember Brian DePalma’s sleekness in The Untouchables in how he takes you to the world of Al Capone in Chicago during the 1930s is the way Joram Lürsen takes you back to the streets and countryside of Amsterdam in the late 1800s.  Combining those elements with A Noble Intention’s beautiful cinematography by Mark van Eller, makes this film as to how Joram Lürsen describes it as combining the modernity of filming with history.  Click on the interview below to learn more about FERNTV’s discussion of the film A Noble Intention.


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