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Director John Walker in Quebec My Country Mon Pays

Director John Walker in Quebec My Country Mon Pays

We remember here on FERNTV how the film Corbo by Mathieu Denis moved us all with his interpretation of the origins of the FLQ and radical terrorism in the 1960s.  We noticed that these events literally happened in our own backward not many moons ago and that there is still so much to learn about this pivotal period of time.  Director John Walker brings us a documentary where the audience explores his investigation of the aftermath of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution of the 1960s.  There were many changes to the province’s political and cultural climate because of this movement which caused separation, the FLQ crisis mentioned before and the mass exodus of half a million English-speaking Quebecers.
It is a great time for director John Walker to put all of his experience of documentary filmmaking to put together Quebec My Country Mon Pays as a true learning tool.  A lot of questions needed to be answered by John Walker who always wanted to feel like he belonged even though his family dates back in Quebec for almost 250 years.  He continues to struggle with this but to find resolution he goes backs to his family and exploring the past three generations to determine why sovereignty with his people is so hard to achieve.


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