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Jesse Rosenfeld in Freelancer on the Front Lines

There is nothing that inspires us more here on FERNTV than a film that tells the modern day story of how journalists pursue their stories.  Director Santiago Bertolino’s documentary film Freelancer on the Front Lines focuses on freelance reporter Jesse Rosenfeld and his journeys to the Middle East.  What makes this fast past documentary so exciting, especially to all journalists at heart, is his drive and his by all means necessary attitude to tell his stories.  Working for The Daily Beast and other independent outlets, Jesse Rosenfeld is fascinated with the what is going on in the Middle East especially in Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Syria.  Whether it is the election in Egypt or the continuing war between Israel and Palestine, Jesse Rosenfeld literally sacrifices himself to bring you true news.  The documentary shows the evolving process of how a story gets put together which involves lots of travelling, texts and emails exchanges, phone calls and plenty of conversations.  Sure the film brings light to what is really going on in the Middle East but it also shows how the practice of journalism has really changed in the age of the Internet.   Bertolini filmmaking emphasizes that Jesse’s cell phone has to be the most important tool to his work.  It is as if Jesse Rosenfeld is as well a salesman along with being a journalist because he is indeed selling his story.

Without a doubt, Jesse Rosenfeld deserves every penny he receives for his stories of the Middle East where at any minute he can be imprisoned let alone shot.  Same can be said for director Santiago Bertolino for following Jesse around and filming in places where he is not even permitted to shoot.  Bertolino captures many images and scenes where the horror of the wars and the everyday life in the Middle East are truly captivating.  Whether it is watching tanks being driven across the highway or the areas where it looks as if an apocalypse has hit, Bertolino delivers an unbiased narrative that complements the freelance reporting of Jesse Rosenfeld.  As they say nothing ventured nothing gained and there are many times in this film that these two go embark on their risky adventures to tell numerous stories about the Middle East.  Freelancer on the Front Lines is a one of a kind documentary because it is true journalistic style filmmaking while following a hard working modern age journalist which makes the film a true win win experience for the audience.  Freelancer on the Front Lines is inspiring to all journalists and filmmakers because it shows what sacrifice and putting your life on the line really means.  Above all, Jesse Rosenfeld is no doubt bullet proof.

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