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There’s always a great story behind the inspiration and motivation behind making a short horror film and director Tyler A. Williams‘ story does not fall short of being interesting.  What was supposed to be a film that was supposed to be developed along with a whole host of films, Engineers ended up reaching greater heights than first thought of.   Recently screened at the Blood In the Snow Canadian Film Festival, Engineers has all the correct elements of what makes a fantastic short horror film.  Engineers takes place in a old abandoned factory in a dystopian post apocalyptic world.  This atmosphere and setting reminds the audience of that Walking Dead and The Running Man type of world where all has broken loose and there is no such thing as civilization.  But the focus in Tyler A. Williams’ Engineers is within this factory where three masked engineers are plotting an Frankenstein like experimentation on their captive.  With no dialogue and a focus on the sound design and soundtrack on the film, Engineers says a lot in such a short period of time.  Check out our FERNTV video interview below with director Tyler A. Williams as he discusses Engineers in more depth.


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